Better process for better results

When you work with Matthews Professional Employment, Inc., you’ll never wonder if you are getting the best possible candidate for your requirements. Each prospect is carefully screened to ensure that they meet our standards and yours.

  • Resume/application review. All candidate-supplied documents are carefully examined.
  • Phone screening. Preliminary interviews are conducted before a candidate moves to next step.
  • In-person interview. Our professionally trained consultants ask traditional and behavioral interview questions.
  • Skills testing. Candidates are individually assessed before presentation.
  • References and work history are thoroughly checked.

Each candidate is ranked against similar candidates. Only the top tier will make it to you. For direct hire candidates, we offer an unconditional 30-calendar-day guarantee. If a temporary employee is unsatisfactory in the first eight hours, then you won’t be charged.

It’s a simpler way to find the best people.