Employer FAQs

Do we have to sign a contract?

We never ask our clients to sign a contract. We take pride in the fact that our clients call us when they have a need, because they prefer to use our service.

What are your fees?

Direct Hire.  Our direct hire fees are 1 percent per $1,000 of the annualized salary of the position. For example, a position paying $20,000 would generate a placement fee of 20 percent or $4,000. For positions paying over $25,000, the fee is capped at 25 percent. We provide a 30-calendar-day, unconditional, no-fault guarantee with all direct hires! Part-time fees will be quoted upon request.

Temporary.  Our temporary fees are hourly and depend upon the qualifications needed for the position. These rates will be quoted upon request.

Temp-to-Hire.  A combination of temporary and direct hire, in which an applicant remains an employee of our firm until an employment offer is made by your firm. Those rates are:

  1. If hired within 60 calendar days or less from the start date, the standard direct hire fee schedule will apply.
  2. If hired after 60 calendar days, one half of the direct hire fee schedule will apply.
  3. If hired after 120 calendar days, NO CHARGE will be made. Just convert the individual to your payroll, and you have a new employee whose ability to perform has already been proven on the job.

How do you screen/test applicants?

We interview every applicant face to face. Then we complete a thorough reference check and do the applicable testing based on their skills and experience. By taking these steps, we can accurately measure them against other applicants in the market and send you the best candidates available!

Why should we use Matthews Professional Employment, Inc.?

As well as providing an unmatched level of service and satisfaction perfected through 125+ years combined experience among our staff, Matthews Professional Employment, Inc. takes pride in our community involvement.

  1. Matthews Professional Employment, Inc. presents several business scholarships to area high school students annually.
  2. We are active, contributing members of several area Chambers of Commerce.
  3. We donate to area charities.
  4. Members of National Association of Personnel Consultants (NAPS) – Charles Matthews, our owner, is the second inductee into the NAPS Hall of Fame.
  5. Members of the American Staffing Association.
  6. We support local endeavors such as the Waukegan Public Library, Genesee Theater and the Waukegan Business Association.

Does Matthews Professional Employment, Inc. do background checks and drug testing?

If a company has a policy regarding pre-employment background checks and drug tests their own employees, Matthews Professional Employment, Inc. will accommodate such requests at no additional charge to the client company.