Meet our team

Charles Matthews

I originally established Matthews Professional Employment, Inc. in 1969 following several years as a sales and marketing representative for a steel company out of Chicago. It was as an employee that I realized the direct correlation between a business’ overall success and a quality support staff. One of the smartest decisions of my life was to start my firm in Lake County, IL. After becoming one of the most successful employment agencies in the United States, I was elected the president of the national trade association. Throughout the years, it has been a privilege to assist generations of applicants in finding rewarding careers with hundreds of employers in the Chicagoland area. I am honored, personally and professionally, to be an ongoing member of the local community. Please take a moment to get to know our highly skilled team of consultants and administrators by reading their profiles below.

Thank you for your patronage!

Shah Washington

I joined the Matthews Professional Employment, Inc. team in 2011 after a career within the industrial manufacturing, finance, and fitness fields. The industry insights I previously acquired have provided me with an astute ability to relate and understand the essential aspects of various businesses. As a results-driven Certified Search Consultant, I am a reliable resource for clients who are looking for the best available employees. To date, I have successfully assisted hundreds of candidates in finding opportunities within great companies. My ongoing mission is to increase employee retention rates for clients and to help candidates find a career, not just a job. I am dedicated to your needs.

Shah is both an ASA (American Staffing Association) Certified Search Consultant and a Certified Staffing Professional.

Connie Gonzalez

Prior to joining Matthews Professional Employment, Inc. in 2011, I graduated from Robert Morris University with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management. After several years within the social service industry, I transitioned into employment consulting. It is very important to me that I understand what my clients and applicants independently need and want. Establishing this foundation has been the key to my success in identifying quality candidates within a timely manner. My goal is to be among the best in my field while maintaining a strong ethical standard. I look forward to demonstrating how I can provide you with professional and intelligent solutions coupled with responsive, quality service.

Connie is both a National Association of Personnel Services (NAPS) Certified Personnel Consultant and Certified Temporary Staffing Specialist.

Tom Matthews

I am an honorable, dedicated, results-driven individual who strives for the best possible outcome for both clients and candidates. I graduated from the Virginia Military Institute with a B.A. in History, a Minor in Spanish, and a Concentration in Military History. Before joining Matthews Professional Employment, Inc. in 2015, I served as a Lieutenant in the United States Coast Guard where I led a specialized force in South and Central America. My goal now is to serve clients and candidates with the best, most forthright and beneficial relationship that I am able.

Rah Virginia Mil!

Tom is a National Association of Personnel Services (NAPS) Certified Personnel Consultant.

Michelle Arroyo

As a previous Junior Accountant, I have some experience in the professional industry. In April of 2017, I graduated from Robert Morris University with a double major in Business Administration and Accounting. In January 2018 I joined Matthews Professional Employment as the Accounting Administrator, and I can help you with any accounting questions or concerns you may have.  My long-term goal is to gain as much experience and continue my career in the accounting industry, eventually becoming a Certified Public Accountant.  I am open to learning as much as I can in order to provide you the best possible service, so please do not hesitate to contact me!

Anthony Lopez

Having experienced working in both retail management and construction, I applied to Matthews Professional Employment in 2018 seeking a new career. Shortly after, I was blessed to join the team of personnel consultants that focus on assisting both clients and candidates every day. I grew up in the Waukegan area and love that I get the opportunity to change the lives of people within the community. Helping others find employment and advance their careers is wonderful and gives me great pride! My goal every day is to unite great people with great companies. Come see me at our Waukegan office!

Anthony is both a National Association of Personnel Services (NAPS) Certified Personnel Consultant and Certified Temporary Staffing Specialist.

Alma Gonzalez

I am a former United States Army Private 1st Class Veteran who upon finishing a tour in South Korea, returned home to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and a new career. In early 2014, I joined Matthews Professional Employment’s staff as the new front desk receptionist. The discipline, organization, and efficiency that I learned while in the military prepared me for life in the private sector. I have now been promoted to a new level of responsibility as the firms’ Administrative Assistant and Front Desk Supervisor. I am readily available to assist clients with any account or billing inquiries and to help applicants with general administrative questions in Spanish or English.

Donna Ramirez

I originally joined the Matthews team as the Front Desk Receptionist in early 2017. Always wanting to do more, I learned all administrative tasks along with a touch of accounting. When our Libertyville location opened in February 2018, I transferred to be the sole administrator. Always wanting to do more and be better, I trained as a Personnel Consultant and now work hands-on with individuals and clients.

My unique experience of working both back and front office has given me the opportunity to understand every aspect of the process for both clients and applicants. When we meet, I do my best to understand your skills and desires so that we can jointly decide the best course of action for you. I strive to work with honesty, integrity, and mutual respect.

Donna is a National Association of Personnel Services (NAPS) Certified Personnel Consultant.

Miranda King

Miranda joined Matthews Professional Employment, Inc. in 2014 as the Accounting Coordinator. After joining the team, she quickly learned the ins and outs of both staffing and accounting. In 2017 she was presented with an employee appreciation award for her years of hard work and dedication. That same year, she was promoted to her new role as the Marketing Consultant with the goal of growing and developing the company’s brand as well as social awareness. Since then, she has continued her commitment to help cultivate and build brand awareness with new marketing strategies, custom campaigns, and graphic design work.

Lindsey Scheffler

I joined Matthews Professional Employment at the Libertyville office in March 2018. I came here looking for a new career path and ended up becoming part of the team! I have four years of customer service experience that helps me stay organized while greeting each and every person that comes through our doors or calls our phones (sometimes at the same time!). You can trust that you will always feel welcomed at Matthews. I look forward to growing with this company and working with all of you!

Samantha Martinez

Samantha came to us looking for “something new” and her great positive attitude combined with a determination to succeed caused her stand out from the crowd.  We brought her onboard as our Front Desk Receptionist where she began learning the ins and outs of reception and general office admin.  She did such a fantastic job that she was elevated and is now the Recruiter many of you have had the pleasure of speaking with.

I joined Matthews Professional Employment in late 2017 as the Front Desk Receptionist. Prior to this I worked in retail for three years where I gained my customer service experience. I’ve played soccer my entire life and still do today. These experiences have helped me grow in a professional setting where I am now able to build opportunity and take positive action every day.  I strive to attend to clients and candidates in the best way possible every single day.

Kay Dulaney

I launched my career as a Personnel Consultant at Matthews Professional Employment, Inc. after three years in the dental field.  I credit my honesty, respect, and ability to listen empathetically as the key to my success with both clients and candidates.  I strive to serve my clients as the most reliable source to the best available employees.  Likewise, for my candidates, I truly listen and do my best to understand their unique concerns, so I am able provide the best direction for a successful career.  My goal is to ease your search with the most professional and quality assistance to be found anywhere.  I look forward to working with you!

Kay is both a National Association of Personnel Services (NAPS) Certified Personnel Consultant and Certified Temporary Staffing Specialist.

In Memory of Cristina Sanchez

We were extremely blessed when Cristina decided to join our team in 2013.  She brought a vibrant zest for life and enthusiasm to all she did, to say nothing of the deep connections she formed with everyone she met.  As a consultant, she was determined to be the best advocate for clients and candidates that was humanly possible, and always wore her infectious smile.  As a friend, she was selfless and exceptional. On May 1st, 2017 her battle with cancer ended. She is loved, missed and warmly remembered.