I feel really good with all the professional staffing from Matthews. They helped me find a job in less then a week. I would like to thank Shah Washington for his effort and hard work in assisting me.

Jose L.

It was really good!  Paul and Shah at Waukegan are the best! The always help me and find me a job.

Karen A.

I feel that I was treated fairly, people were very nice, polite, etc., and it was a very good experience. I would definitely recommend your firm to a friend. Thank you!

Maria C.

The experience was great, and working with Tom Matthews was an awesome experience. Very enthusiastic and motivated. Helped me get a job in under a week. Definitely recommend this place to friends and family.

Daniel L.

I would like to thank everyone who helped me. Matthews is a very nice place. I would like to thank Dana for all her help – what a nice person. I would send all my friends to Matthews.

Leon J.

Very helpful. The employees seemed to really care about finding a position to best suit you.

Nicole K.

I love the support and criticism given by the woman who helped me get employed. She went above and beyond to help me. I was thoroughly satisfied with my new agency.

Brittany D.

I have to say that looking for a job can be a really scary and an overwhelming experience. But with the staff of Matthews Employment, especially with the help of Shah Washington, I was able to get a job in just little over a month. At all times when seen to interviews, I was at ease and comfortable. Shah was with me every step of the way, coaching me and advising me on how to have great interviews. I am really grateful to him for this job that I have now. Thank you 🙂

Claudia S.

It was very helpful the way you guys present us to the companies.

Maria M.